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Trading Rules
In this forum there are a couple a specific rules to follow.

1) Make sure that both parties involved agree to the trade before sending anything.

2) Please list what set and collector number of each card you are willing to trade.

3) Do not list cards that you will not trade. Below your list of haves, please create a list of wants.

4) If you don't have what the person wants, you may ask if you can trade them something else, but do not constantly pester the person.

5) The member with the fewest references shall send their cards first. If both parties agree to send at the same time that is fine also.

6) Please report if you got exactly what you thought you were getting. If it has been more than a week since you sent your card(s) and you haven't received anything back, please contact the person you are trading with.

7) Each person should create their own references thread. Everytime a trade goes through the person you trade with, you should reply in it.

8) If you are dishonest and do not send what you were supposed to, you will be banned for a week unless you send what you were supposed to send. In that case the cards you weren't supposed to send should be returned back to you. If this happens again, not only are you banned from the forum, but you are kicked off Team Eternal as well.

9) I will not be held resonsible for any bad trades.

10) If you have any questions please contact me.

11) Please reply to this thread by copying and pasting the following sentence:

I, username, have read and understand the rules to the Trading Corner and agree to follow them.

*Replace username with your username*
I, dragonexpert, have read and understand the rules to the Trading Corner and agree to follow them.

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